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Bhuri Singh Museum of Chamba

Bhuri Singh Museum

The Bhuri Singh Museum is one of the oldest museums of India. It is a storehouse of many antique art objects belonging to different periods of history. It gives a panorama of art, culture and theological myths, giving impression of age old traditions of the erstwhile state of Chamba in Himachal pradesh. 

The museum was established in 1908 by Raja Bhuri Singh, on the request of Dr. J.P. Vigel, a swiss national, and the then superintendent of the North Circle of Archaeological Survey of India. Because during his holidaying, Dr. Vogel had visited many places in Chamba, and discovered several stone inscriptions in the entire area. 

A new building has now been built at the place of old one. The old building before becoming a museum, was a discotheque, consisting of four spacious halls and a verandah running outside the entire complex. With an increase in number of collections the new building was built.

The museum was inaugurated by Mr. R.E. Young husband, the then Commissioner of Lahore. It was on his suggestion that the museum was named after Raja Bhuri Singh.
There were about 1000 collections of artifacts at the time of inauguration, but now the number has swelled to more than 500. The collections cover all aspects of art and culture including copper plates, plaster replica, manuscripts, traditional costumes, lithographs, weapons, coins and paintings etc.

The paintings in museum depict all themes of Hindu mythology, characterized by minuteness and brilliance of colors. The Pahari paintings are the primary attractions, which were donated by Raja Bhuri Singh from his own art collections of Akhand Chandi palace.
In order to add more articles the efforts of the connoisseurs are in progress. The two Naga sculptures of 10th and 11th century are the new additions. Besides a 16th century wooden panel, with a doorkeeper or dwarpala carved on it has also been acquired.

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