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The Bhimakali Temple at Sarahan

Bhima Kali Temple at Sarahan
The Ancient Bhimakali temple is situated at about 120 kilometer from Shimla at the banks of river Sutlej. It is one of the 51 seats of goddesses in India, where the left ear of Sati Parvati is believed to have fallen. The temple belongs to the family goddess of the erstwhile ruling clan of Rampur. 

The templwe also finds mention in Puranas, the ancient holy scriptures of Hindus. The image of goddess is very beautiful among the images of Hindu gods.The temple was built during the reign of Yadavas. Thousands of people throng the place every year during the annual worship.

The courtyard in the ancient temple of Bhimakali is paved with flat stones, now washed by the rains. A door of intricate silver design and a series of steps lead to the second courtyard. Another flight of steps bring one to the innermost rectangular compound. In the courtyard stand two peculiarly structured shrines of Bhimakali. Each shrine is a square tower of wood and stone with engraved wooden balconies running around the four sides of the upper storey. The roofs rise in pagoda style and the larger lower roofs are surrounded by smaller and more ornate roofs which taper into spires of shining gold.

The shrine on the right is more ancient and after the earthquake of 1909, it had begun to tilt dangerously. The tilt is still plainly visible. This led to the construction of newer and more beautiful shrine. The idol of goddess Kali is a fine silver figure with a glint in the eyes.


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