Sunday, 16 November 2014

Old houses - The Cultural heritage of Himachal

Old style home

Himachal Pradesh is economically not prosperous, but it has the privilege of preserving the rich cultural heritage of India. The honest, laborious and simple rural folk have their peculiar manners, exhilarating folk lore, exquisite folk dances, unique folk ways and enchanting folk songs. 

The sacred religious sanctuaries, simple unsophisticated arts and crafts, jubilant fairs and festivals impart rich color and texture to their culture. 

It is because of the reason that several historical races, cultures and religious faiths have found refuge in the lofty mountains of the world from time to time and the Himalayas are no exception. Whereas in the plains the elements of true Indian culture has been wiped put. The hills and vales of Himachal continue to preserve its heritage.

Photo Credit- John Hill
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